Singapore Horse Racing Betting Systems

November 11, 2009 - by Lawrence · Filed Under Singapore Racing News  

A lot of Singapore horse racing betting systems, computerized or personalized, have been developed to give horse betters huge earnings. But then again, reality bites. Most of these tactics do not work. Some of them will function well for a certain period but eventually break down.

Frankly, some of these Singapore horse betting strategies are provided by machines that do not consider a horse’s day-to-day performance. Even good horses have bad races and these systems cannot figure that out. On the other hand, Singapore horse racing betters who constantly win base their strategy on a particular system that takes into consideration a horse’s well-being.

They start their method by choosing from the horses that have not yet won. From these horses, they will pick those who are older than three years old but younger than seven years old.

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From this list, they choose horses that have a winning percentage of 20 per cent or more and have at least 10 career races. Once they have determined the qualified horses, they will pick ten among this pool. There are times that they do add to those ten horses but most of them settle with this number.

After determining the horses to place bets on, they will determine their desired winnings. If they want to get $100 from a 4/1 horse, they would have to bet $25. When this horse wins, they erase it from the list. If a certain horse got injured, they are obviously taken off the list as well.

If the horse did not win, it now owes the bettoe $125. When this horse stars 25/10 in its next race, they will place a $50 bet to win back their money. If the horse strings together a number of bad races, it is crossed out of the list as well.

When horses are deleted due to wins or losses, they can be replaced with other suitable horses. Singapore horse racing betters continue this process until they have earned their target amount.

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